Allison King


Short stories

Tina Yu and the Karaoke Time Machine

khōréō - January 2023

khōréō Volume 2, Issue 4 cover
  • "King blends childhood reminiscences and memories of food with finesse, perfectly capturing the second-hand embarrassment children often feel around their parents, while also revealing the deep love, and the sense of humor, that truly bonds this family together."

    Maria Haskins, Strange Horizons Short Fiction Treasures

  • "Allison King didn’t write a sad story about loss or grief, not really. “The Many Taste Grooves of the Chang Family” is about what makes a memory worth remembering and how to find peace when the end is anything but peaceful."

    Alex Brown, Must-Read Speculative Short Fiction

  • "...this one is also wonderfully funny, but ALSO tender and poignant and it will pull at your heart and it made my vision slightly blur at the end"

    Vanessa Fogg, It's a Jumble Short Fiction Recs

  • "In the end it is a lovely reminder that even in the dark times we are allowed our smiles and our laughs and sharing them with loved ones and it’s a reminder to cherish each other and all the moments, when we can."

    Jeff Xilon, 2022 Short Fiction Round Up

And Again, We Try

If There's Anyone Left - April 2022

If There's Anyone Left Volume 3 cover

Breath of the Dragon King

Fantasy Magazine - October 2021

Reprinted in Paula Guran's Year's Best Fantasy: Volume One - August 2022

  • "A lovely story about a girl growing up under the weight of expectation... It’s a careful and ultimately affirming story about effort and achievement, and it’s a wonderful read!"

    Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews

Fantasy Magazine Issue #72 cover


Flash Fiction Magazine - July 2019

⭐️ Pushcart Prize Nomination!